Hello Friend,

Thank you for visiting our website today! One of the joys of my life is serving the Lord at First Baptist Church of Anglesea.

Our church family is made of people just like you and has something to offer every person, regardless of his or her stage in life. It matter not what walk of life you come from; we are all seeking to walk in unity as we learn to become more like Christ.

Just as the human body needs eyes and hands, lungs and feet, so too does our church body need all its parts, its people. Without our young people, our singles, our married couples, or our seniors, we would not be complete. Without our people who make music, who teach, who pray, who encourage, who clean, who do maintenance and so much more we would not be a functioning "body". What brings us together is a common desire to seek God, to know God, to fellowship with God, to glorify God, and to be like Jesus Christ. What keeps us together is His deep and abiding love. Our church is not a place but a people.

We extend a warm welcome to you and would like to have the opportunity of personally meeting you. I hope that you will join us this Sunday.

Pastor Bob Rogish

Weekly Service Schedule

Sunday Morning Worship 10:30am
Sunday Prayer Meeting 6:00pm
Wednesday Family Bible Classes 7:00pm